Employer Based Financial Education in Wisconsin


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In late 2012, the Wisconsin Department of Financial Institutions (DFI), on behalf of the Workplace Financial Literacy Committee of the Governor’s Council on Financial Literacy, surveyed Wisconsin employers to learn more about employer-provided financial education in the State.

  • 59{21ff4f36868fa9830ff11f4d939007e345b08a69fa4833b8bf3a08fd16b9151c} of respondents currently offer financial education to their employees.
  • Large companies are much more likely than small firms to offer financial education.
  • The vast majority (86{21ff4f36868fa9830ff11f4d939007e345b08a69fa4833b8bf3a08fd16b9151c}) of firms that offer financial education have done so for more than 1 year.
  • Companies use a variety of delivery methods and offer information on a range of topics.
  • Companies that do not provide financial education are less likely to agree that it should be offered on paid time.
  • Smaller companies also report that financial education should be offered less often and for less time in one setting.
  • A majority of both providers and non-providers are interested in learning more about other employers’ efforts in this area.