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Resources for Residents of the U.K.

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Annual Credit Report
This Website allows consumers to request a free report once a year.

Borrowing money
On this site you’ll find advice on looking after your money, dealing with creditors and managing debts. For more on money management the  budgeting advice section is packed with helpful hints on creating a budget, who to pay first and what to do if you can’t afford to pay your bills.

This site gives you a free credit report plus tools to help you improve  and maintain your credit score.

Company Debt: Business Debt Advice and Company Insolvency Help
Company Debt provides UK directors with straightforward and confidential business debt advice, tailored insolvency solutions and invoice finance, to help solve your company’s debt problems

The Money Advice Service
What you need to know about your credit score
This link tell you what you need to understand about credit reports.  The site has all sorts of useful tools and calculators to help you learn how to better manage your finances.

My Money Steps
My Money Steps will tell you what options you can choose from to deal with your debts and give you a personal action plan to help you manage your money.

Taking control of your finances
Keep on top of your debt by reducing your spending and making the most of your money. If you’re struggling to manage your day to day money, here are lots of practical money advice tips to help you take control.

Universal Credit: help with managing your money
Universal Credit is paid monthly and is designed to match the way that most salaries are paid. You may be used to managing your money in this way, but help is available if you could do with some support.

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