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Internal Revenue Service
Major tax changes approved by Congress in the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA) became law on December 22, 2017. The IRS is working on implementing this major tax legislation that will affect both individuals and businesses. We will provide information and guidance to taxpayers, businesses and the tax community as it becomes available. Check this page for updates and resources.

Free Online Tax Preparation Software & Services
If you have a relatively simple tax situation – for example, if you work for a single employer and don’t qualify for many itemized deductions – you can take advantage of numerous free online tax preparation software and services for your federal tax return. That’s great news if you don’t want to eat into your federal refund or fork over your credit card number before sending your tax return off to the IRS. (Feb 2, 2018)

Free Tax Preparation and Tax Problem Resolution Services
A variety of non-profits, universities and even local Internal Revenue Service offices provides tax preparation assistance and tax problem resolution services to the public for free. Here’s a list of programs providing free tax preparation and free tax problem resolution services.

Free Tax Tools & Calculators
Everything you need to know about your taxes.  This includes interactive forms that help you with tax planning, tools, and calculators, check lists, as well as information about tax law changes, and IRS and state resources.

H&R Block
A tax company that offers all tax services and all the filing options. They offer free tax filing if you are using the 1040EZ form. You can file your taxes at home with an online Tax Pro. Or you can visit an H&R Block office.

How to Prepare You Tax Return For the First Time
Filing your first tax return can seem overwhelming. Learn what steps you should take and how to prepare your first tax return before getting started. (tax forms and filing service)
On this site you can file your return for free if you have a simple tax situation.  You pay a small fee for a more complicated form.  And you can get your tax questions answered using their online help, chat with a live person,or email their service team, (tax forms)

TaxAct®, founded in 1998, is a leading provider of affordable digital and download tax preparation solutions for individuals, business owners and tax professionals. Their flagship product, TaxAct, provides the highest degree of accuracy and is designed by in-house programmers and tax accountants. All forms are IRS and State approved.

Tax Prep Checklist: What to Gather Before Filing
Whether you hire a professional or do it yourself, you need certain information and documentation to file your tax return. Here’s a list of items taxpayers commonly need to complete the job.

Tax Preparation Checklists: 2017-2018
Tax season offers plenty of challenges especially when it comes to gathering up all that documentation that needs to be handy while working on your tax return. Fortunately, a tax preparation checklist can make light of the situation and help you discover what’s needed to proceed when ready. Being prepared for tax season will help you expedite your tax return preparation process, and quite possibly reduce your taxes.

TurboTax is an American tax preparation software package that covers W-2 and interest/dividend income as well as the Schedule A,  so there’s special emphasis on finding as many deductions as possible. It also includes live on-screen site help, storage of past returns.  There is a free program for simple tax returns (1040EZ/1040A).  The rest are paid for packages.

U.S. Government Revenue
The Federal Income Tax is the largest source of revenue for the US Federal Government. This site has everything you want to know about U.S Federal and State Taxes, including history, analysis, charts, and so much more.

The Federation of Tax Administrators (State tax forms)
Mostly a site for tax administrators or accountants with useful links to individual states’ electronic filing standards pages

TaxPlanet (A source for information on international taxes)
TaxPlanet is a worldwide organization of independent legal and accounting professionals primarily specializing in tax, both at national and international levels. Due to the globalization and the effect of delocalization, cross-border transactions are on the rise. As such transactions inevitably have ties to more than one country, it is vital to deal with them in the big picture, considering the impact of all jurisdictions involved.

Filing Requirements for U.S. Citizens and Resident Aliens Living Abroad
A U.S. citizen living outside the United States generally must file income tax returns in the same way that the person would if he or she were residing in the United States. This includes anyone holding a U.S. passport, regardless of whether that person is currently in the United States. Additionally, resident aliens or anyone holding a green card and living in the U.S. also must file.