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College Savings

Helpful Links for Students in the United Kingdom

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Do You Get Paid For Going To College In UK
Literally, you don’t get paid to go to college in the UK. But you will receive plenty of financial support during your studies to cover education-related costs in the forms of bursaries, the majority of which don’t need to be paid back. Even if you claim a college student loan, then only a small rate of interest will be charged. This web site lists important information if education financial assistance is needed

How to fund your child’s university education
Find out what you can do to prepare for the financial impact of your child going through university.

MoneySavingExpert.com:  Education Grants
Whether you’re a teenager thinking of going to university or an adult wanting to retrain, this site lists sources for grants or loans to help fund your learning.

University Costs Caluculator
If you’re thinking about going to university or saving to help your children with further education, use this university costs calculator to see how the costs can add up.

School and University Fees Calculator
This calculator simply looks at the current level of fees and provides a mathematical estimate of what they will be in a given number of years, increasing at the stated annual growth rate.

Save the Student
The student money website for everything student finance. Get the latest student discounts, student jobs, make money ideas and more.

Student Finance:  What parents need to know
This site separates student finance fact from fiction to help clear things up when it comes to tuition fees, loans and helping your son or daughter cover the costs of going to university.

Student Finance: How to apply
GOV.UK’s site on student finance and how to apply for a student loan

Student Finance: Brightknowledge’s Essential Guide
Get the essential facts about student finance: how much money you could get, what you have to do to get it, and if and when you’ll have to pay it back.

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