U.K. Links: Financial Literacy

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Employee Financial Well-Being Practical Guide
This report by the Chartered Institute of Personnel Development (CIPD) offers reasons companies should take a greater interest in employee financial wellbeing, as well as steps organisations can take. One-quarter of UK employees in the report said that financial problems have affected their performance at work. Some said it has created illness or sleep difficulty – not exactly precursors to a productive day at the office.

Make Money Make Sense
This website contains a set of teaching materials designed to de-mystify the world of money and help you get to grips with your finances. It is designed for key stages 3 & 4 and ages 16+.

Financial Education from MoneySavingExpert.com
This site has links to useful articles, resources, and news about financial literacy and education.

MyBnk: Financial Education
MyBnk brings financial knowledge to life and provides workshops, education programs, and this cool website that promotes financial learning and literacy.

You, your kids and money
This site has videos and activities to help parents teach their child the habits that lead to being a money-savvy adult. The activities are designed to be entertaining as well as educational. Take a look and then have fun doing them together.

The Money Charity
The Money Charity develops and delivers products and services which provide education, information and advice on money matters, in an appropriate way for young people and adults.

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