Whether the American Dream means home ownership or financial freedom it doesn’t matter. It’s not in the reach of scores of Americans even if the economy is still humming along and jobs are aplenty. 

That’s according to Even, the Oakland, California budgeting and mobile app maker that counts Walmart as a customer. It surveyed individuals in the U.S. to get a sense of their confidence in achieving their version of the American Dream. The fintech found only 24.1% said they achieved it already while 24.5% said it’s within their reach. Of the remaining survey respondents, 10.7% said it’s out of their reach while 17.6% aren’t sure. Meanwhile 16.3% said they were somewhat optimistic they could achieve the American dream while 6.8% are somewhat pessimistic.

While that may come as a surprise given the stock market is surging and the U.S. economy is booming for Even Chief Executive Jon Schlossberg its an indication of the disconnect between the data used to measure the health of the economy and what’s really going on in households across America.

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