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The Employee Survey and PFW Scale™ Uses

The Employee Survey and Personal Financial Wellness Scale™ (PFW Scale™) measures perceived financial well-being/financial distress. It’s an efficient, valid, and reliable measure of personal financial wellness when properly administered in its original format.

The Personal Finance Employee Education Fund (PFEEF) works with employers, human resource managers, workplace financial education providers, money coaches, financial counselors, therapists, and researchers. PFEEF can provide a benchmarking report that compares a person’s or a group of individuals’ scores to the database of previously recorded answers.

The Employee Survey and PFW Scale™ Use Policies

The Employee Survey and PFW Scale™ is available as an online survey using a PFEEF-provided link. Additionally, PFEEF allows translations of the Employee Survey and  PFW Scale™ to different languages with permission.

All forms and uses of the Employee Survey and PFW Scale™ require permission. Permission to use the Employee Survey and PFW Scale™ can be requested by submitting the “Permission Form” provided on this web site.

The Employee Survey and PFW Scale™ Fees: Available by request