PFEEF’s mission is to provide support to organizations and their employees as they take charge of their financial well-being. The Employee Survey and Personal Financial Wellness Scale™, the Quality Providers list, and additional PFEEF services enable employers to understand that employees who have their finances in order will be more productive. Organizations that empower their employees to take charge of their financial well-being show results that include improvement in workplace productivity, employee morale, and loyalty.

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PFEEF’s Board of Directors

Kenneth Serwinski, Chairman
Chairman, Prairie Capital Advisors, Inc.

Vincent DiRaddo, CPA, Treasurer
Director of Finance & Administration, Prairie Capital Advisors, Inc.

Christine Myers, Secretary
HR Manager, Prairie Capital Advisors, Inc.

Tom Harms
Personal Finance Employee Education Fund

John Hoffmire
Personal Finance Employee Education Fund

Partner Organization


The goal of the Center on Business and Poverty is to support innovative writing and community projects related to exemplary employers who participate in social enterprise. The Center is an initiative of the University of Wisconsin-Madison College of Letters and Science.

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