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Academic Research

Research supporting financial literacy

Academic Resources: Financial Literacy Education

Financial literacy education is about acquiring the knowledge that is necessary to make financially responsible decisions—decisions that are integral to financial wellbeing. Here are links to resources and articles on various aspects of financial literacy education.

Academic Resources: Credit Counseling

Here are links to articles and resources on credit counseling, how to repay debts and better manage personal finances.

Academic Resources: Retirement Preparation

Retirement planning is the planning one does to be prepared for life after paid work ends, not just financially but in all aspects of life. Check out these articles and resources on retirement preparation and planning.

Academic Resources: Value to Employers

Organizations that provide financial education in the workplace show improvements that include increased productivity, employee morale, and loyalty and decreased healthcare costs, absenteeism, turnover, workplace distractions, and operational risk across the company. These articles explain the various ROI involved with workplace financial education programs.

Academic Resources: Health and Personal Finances

Personal finances and mental health often have a strong impact on each other. If you are struggling to keep control of your money, you may find that your mental health is affected. Check out these articles on health and personal finances.

Academic Resources: Employee Financial Distress

Research shows clear links among financial distress, workplace productivity, and health. Employers who improve employees' financial well-being will see improvements in their bottom lines as well. Here are links to articles on employee financial distress.

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