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A Roadmap of the Financial Wellness Ecosystem
This new study, A Roadmap of the Financial Wellness Ecosystem, takes a comprehensive look at the financial wellness landscape. Leveraging data from a new survey of over 1,500 workers, insights from interviews with leading plan sponsors, and profiles of  innovative financial wellness program providers, this study offers a unique and in-depth exploration of the current state of financial wellness and industry best practices in this area.

Equifax white paper: Debt and mental health in the workplace
Equifax commissioned YouGov to conduct research into the connection between debt and mental health amongst UK workers. This white paper explores the research findings, as well as other independent analyses, to provide insight for employers when it comes to the impact of debt on the mental wellbeing of their employees.
June 2018

American Psychological Association Survey Shows Money Stress Weighing on Americans’ Health Nationwide
American Psychological  Association

Report on the Economic Well-Being of U.S. Households in 2014
Federal Reserve System
July 2014

Lifestyle Risk Factors, Health Status, and Financial Distress: Framing Interventions Using the Transtheoretical Model of Change
Proceedings of the Association for Financial Counseling and Planning Education
Prawitz, Shatwell, Haynes, Hanson, Hanson, O’Neill, & Garman

Changes in Health, Negative Financial Events, and Financial Distress/Financial Well-Being for Debt Management Program Clients Financial Counseling and Planning
Financial Counseling and Planning
O’Neill, Prawitz, Sorhaindo, Kim, & Garman

Financial Wellness and Health Care Costs
Financial Finesse, Inc.
March 2011

Over-indebtedness as a marker of socioeconomic status and its association with obesity: A cross-sectional study
BMC Public Health
Ruger, E. Ochsmann, S. Letzel, & A.M. Toschke

Financially Distressed Consumers: Their Financial Practices, Financial Well-being, and Health
Financial Counseling and Planning
O’Neill, Xiao, Sorhaindo & Garman

Relationships Among Credit Counseling Clients’ Financial Well-being, Financial Behaviors, Financial Stressor Events, and Health
Financial Counseling and Planning
Kim, Garman & Sorhaindo