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The Physical & Social Impact of Credit Card Debt
Mike Brown, March, 2018.
A recent report found that U.S. consumers have hit a seven-year high in overdue credit card payments. Borrowers are now distressed on $11.9 billion in credit card debt. To see how deep debt can cut, LendEDU conducted a survey of 1,000 credit card holders in the U.S. who were, at the time of the survey, carrying a balance of more than $5,000.

2017 Credit Card Landscape Report – Terms, Trends & More
Alina Comoreanu, Senior Researcher

In Search of a Fresh Start: Can Credit Counseling Help Debtors Recover from Bankruptcy?
Angela C. Lyons, Shawn Howard & Erik Scherpf

Employee Debt: Expert Views
Human Potential Accounting

The Impact of Changes in Financial Stressor Events on Financial Well-Being of Debt Management Program Clients
Proceedings of the Association for Financial Counseling and Planning Education
Prawitz, O’Neill, Sorhaindo, Kim & Garman

Financial Behaviors of Consumers in Credit Counseling
International Journal of Consumer Studies
Xiao, Sorhaindo & Garman.

The Impact of Credit Counseling on Subsequent Borrower Behavior
The Journal of Consumer Affairs
Elliehausen, Lundquist & Staten

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